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  About Us


PrimeDTV is a global DTV product development firm based on Orange County, California. We are a leader in rapidly growing Digital Television technology and application, and create the best, low-cost and consumer-centric DTV products.  PrimeDTV works with multinationals designing cutting edge DTV software, IC and hardware systems. Since we were established in 2001 we have experienced rapid growth, penetrating markets throughout the US, China and Taiwan, etc.  

Business Focus

  • Develop the next generation low-cost, high-performance DTV products, including digital TV set-top box (STB), DTV PC card and OEM reference platform.
  • Design very low-cost, highly rich-feature professional Real-Time MPEG2 Analyzer, Recorder and Generator.
  • Provide a wide range of products and systems based on DTV technology, e.g. Portable  IP-over-DVB-T Data Broadcast receiver design, etc.


The diversity and ground breaking nature of the DTV design environment has attracted to the firm some of the finest engineering intelligence available from around the world. Almost all of our engineers hold Masters or PhD qualifications with average 15 ~20 years of experience in the DTV industry.

Our team provides a vast resource of talent and highly specialized skills for both our product design and our customers. Collectively our engineers bring to the firm a broad understanding of world markets, including trends and the local market standards of a variety of countries and cultures.






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